The Android app that creates OpenPGP encrypted images

The camera app that comes standard on your phone creates image files in a shared public storage location

As soon as you take a picture, it can be accessed, analyzed and shared by other apps on your phone. 

But here's the problem, how can you control access to your photos - by creating encrypted images. 

With PhotoPGP you keep your private data private, and share only what you want - in confidence.

Choose the edition that's right for you:

Full Edition

Choose this to allow other people access to your encrypted images using their PGP public keys.

Personal Edition

Choose this to secure your personal and confidential data using your PGP key.

Demo Edition

Choose this to simply evaluate security features, includes demo PGP private key (password: "demo")  


Feature Full EditionPersonal Edition Demo Edition
Public Key / Encryption Allows you to authorize access to your data files with the public keys of the recipients 
Allows only one key (your private key) -
Only you can access your data files
Only allows the "demo" private key, 
and allows additional PGP public keys
Private Key / DecryptionAuthorized recipients can use their private key [and password] to decrypt data files 
Only your private key [and password] can decrypt your data filesUsing the  "demo" password, anyone can decrypt the data files (for evaluation and demonstration purposes only)  
Image Viewer
with automatic decryption
Captions / Notes
can be signed and verified
Import Key Files  Supported   Supported   Supported   
Detached SignatureSupportedSupportedSupported
Private Storage Supported Limited (cache only)Not Supported
Public Storage Supported  
Supported Limited (public internal storage only)
Zip File Supported Supported Supported

Use Cases

Why do you need PhotoPGP?  What would you use it for?

Store Your Passwords - Use PhotoPGP to safely record your passwords.

Personal Identity Info - Backup those cards in your wallet, and documents in your fire safe, with a secure digital copy.

Personal Documents - Get a secure photo of your birth certificate, passport, and any other private sensitive information.

Legal Documents - backup your contracts, wills, and policies with a secure digital copy.

Inventory Collection - Photograph all your valuables for insurance purposes.

Financial Records - Save a secure digital copy of your tax documents, receipts, income statements, and other financials.

Health Records - Keep secure copies of your medical bills, physicians' notes, medical documents and forms.

Proprietary Information - Protect your intellectual property and keep it confidential.

Capture Your Ideas - Keep your essential notes readily available with PhotoPGP.

Keep Your Private Data Private

and share only what you want - in confidence.