PhotoPGP can create / view / manage these types of files

Image Files

Images can be created, viewed, captioned, signed, encrypted, moved around in storage/folders, sent to Google Drive, Gmail, or deleted.

Types:    .jpg    .jpeg    .png

Encrypted Image Files

Encrypted image files can be created, viewed, captioned, signed, decrypted, moved around in storage/folders, sent to Google Drive, Gmail or deleted.

Types:  {image}.pgp (binary PGP), or {image}.asc (ASCII Armor)


You can create new folders, which can be "opened" (using the INDEX tab). 

A folder can be captioned, moved around in storage, deleted or copied to a new ZIP file. 

ZIP Files

You can convert a folder into ZIP file, then back into a folder. ZIP files may also be captioned, moved or deleted.

This enables easy backup to another device or cloud storage.

Type: {folder}.zip

Encrypted Notes (captions)

You can create encrypted text that is associated with: an image, folder, ZIP-file, key-file, or as standalone notes.

Notes can be viewed, signed, and sent to Google Drive, etc. 

Types: {filename}.txt.asc

Key Files

You can import PGP keys (public or private) into OpenKeychain just by clicking on them.

Types: any .pgp or .asc which is not an image or note 

Access to your Android device

Public Shared Storage

Places accessible to other apps

  • Download directory
  • Pictures Directory
  • DCIM Directory

Public Internal Storage

  • Public directory where PhotoPGP can always access files
  • Other apps can access these files
  • for the Demo Edition, this is where you'll find the demo private-key

Private Internal Storage

  • Private directory where only PhotoPGP can access files
  • No other apps can access
  • Only available in FULL edition

Internal  CACHE

  • Cache thumbnail images (or not)
  • Cache file captions (or not)
  • Session settings


There are a few things you'll need before you start using PhotoPGP

Install OpenKeychain app

OpenKeychain is an implementation of the OpenPGP cryptographic standard for Android - available from the Google Play Store, F-Droid or GitHub as open-source.

Then import your keys into OpenKeychain

Your Key

You will need a PGP private key - there are many ways to create yours, if you don't already have one, for decryption and  signatures on images and captions.

Demo edition only requires the Demo key

Public Keys of recipients

The full edition allows you to authorize others to access (decrypt) specific data files.


Android Permissions


required to take pictures


required to access public shared files

No network connection is required

No access to your contacts, or location

Android Version Compatibility

PhotoPGP is designed to support a variety of Android devices - from Android 4.4 (KitKat) like the Samsung S3,
to the newer Android 9 devices.

See Guide for more information